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Pattaya villas

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Pattaya villas have an extensive selection of inexpensive mid-range accommodation, and a good variety of more up market holiday villas. For families or small groups, three bedroom private Pattaya villas from 30,000 baht/month can be found at Jomtien. For better rates for longer stays, and for higher standard villas and accommodation, stick with Pattaya villas.

Pattaya villas

Pattaya is more than beach, nightlife and shopping

Pattaya Beach is a broad ranging holiday destination, popular not only as a beach resort and for its entertainment, nightlife and shopping, but also for the broad selection of pastimes it caters for, from golf and horseback riding to bungee jumping, karting and shooting - plus a wide variety of watersports such as scuba diving, jet-skiing, sailing, water skiing, windsurfing and kite surfing, and a whole lot more. Pattaya beach is also very popular as a conference, convention and seminar venue, and future developments may include a horse racing track, casinos, and a tram system. Stay in one of our private Pattaya villas to get the most out of the experience!

North, South and Central Pattaya beach

Pattaya's sub-district names sometimes cause confusion, usually when the official area titles of North Pattaya, Central Pattaya and South Pattaya are misunderstood. These names do not relate to the city as a whole. They refer to the sections of Pattaya beach to which each sub-district is aligned.

  • North Pattaya beach - Adjacent to the northern end of Pattaya Beach and extending to North Pattaya Road, north pattaya villas.
  • South Pattaya beach - Adjacent to the southern end of Pattaya Beach and extending to South Pattaya Road, south pattaya villas.
  • Central Pattaya beach- Adjacent to the middle of Pattaya Beach and extending to Central Pattaya Road, central pattaya villas.

Pattaya villas and downtown Pattaya

The Pattaya downtown area is easy to get around. Running north-south, a few hundred metres apart, are Pattaya Beach Road, which borders the main beach, Pattaya Second Road and Pattaya Third Road, with the smaller but busy Soi Buakhao in between, and the main Sukhumvit Road coastal highway. Pattaya Beach Road is one-way, southbound, as is Pattaya Second Road - northbound. North Pattaya Road is a dual carriageway and carries the highest volume of traffic to and from Sukhumvit Road.

Pattaya beach and Jomtien beach

Greater Pattaya beach occupies most of the coastline of the Banglamung district of Chonburi Province. It is divided into a larger northern section which covers the areas to the east of Naklua Beach, the northern most beach, and Pattaya Beach, which is the main beach, plus the Buddha Hill headland, and a smaller southern section covering the area to the east of Jomtien Beach, which lies directly south of Buddha Hill, including Dongtan Beach. Our private Pattaya villas are scattered all over the area so you will surely be able to find a Pattaya holiday rental that suits you. Jomtien's beaches are broader and in better condition, and the atmosphere locally quieter and family-oriented, than at Pattaya Beach. Both places are well suited for holiday rentals, so rest assured your stay in our Pattaya villa with private pool will be amazing.

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